Unique & Chic Table Decor Ideas – Using Fruits

May 19, 2013 by admin

The next time you have a party and if you’re tired of the usual flowers-as-decor routine, why not get creative using fruits instead?

Nothing breathes in life and freshness to a dinner table than hits of color from fruits like Lemons, Limes, Oranges, Apples/Pears, Peaches. You can even use the fruits for your after party smoothie to detox from any over-indulgences! Next up on our blog, is top 5 quick smoothie/juicing recipes for beginners!

Here are some ideas to get you inspired.

(1) Green Apples – Vases and Garlands

I especially love this idea of using the apples as a vase for flowers.



(2) Lemons/Limes – Centerpieces



(3) Fall Colors – Candle Holders 


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