Healthiest Sangria Ever

You know what we love about the holiday season? The happy buzz we get from sipping cocktails with family and friends, the endless days of festivities. It’s just such a joyful time to be. The only problem: You may be pouring on the sugar and calories if you’re not paying attention to what you’re sipping

Posted 06 Dec 2015
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Let’s get Ready for Christmas | Week #3 | Gifts & Giving

WEEK #3 – GIFTS & GIVING  It’s the time we focus on gift lists, gift buying and gift wrapping – I’m sure you agree that this is the biggest organisational challenge of them all.  For many families, gift-giving is a prime source of holiday financial stress. Instead of heading to kmart & buying something just

Posted 22 Nov 2015
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3 Healthy Post-Workout Smoothie Recipes

After a good work-out when you just can’t be bothered to cook up a elaborate meal, smoothies are the perfect option for a instant nutrient pack meal. The best part about being on the smoothie wagon is that you can prep 1 week’s worth of smoothies in under 1 hour! Simply cut up the fruits &

Posted 14 Sep 2015
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Grab & go brekky: Gluten-Free Banana Walnut Muffins

“Eat breakfast like a King, Lunch like a prince…..” or so the saying goes. The fact that eating a big breakfast can have positive effects on your health doesn’t give you license to abandon healthy eating principles and eat whatever you want. Build a big breakfast around nutrient-dense foods to get the most benefit from eating

Posted 23 Jul 2015
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Winter Warming Spicy Chai Smoothie

Love smoothies but finding it too cold to have them in winter? In fact, according to Traditional Chinese Medicine, it’s so important to keep our insides warm especially in winter. That means cold drinks are not ideal. That said, you’d love this Spicy Chai Tea Smoothie, tasty, warming and healthy all at the same time.

Posted 16 Jul 2015
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How to Make Your Own Coconut Milk

Did you know that the coconut milk from a can usually only contains about 10-30% actual coconut milk? The rest is mostly just water. For those of you who have tasted curries in Southeast Asia, you’d know that they just somehow have so much amazing flavour and body to it. Learning how to make coconut milk

Posted 09 Mar 2015
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Home Detox Challenge – Spring Clean your Fridge

Our first week of our Home Detox challenge revolves around the most essential appliance in the kitchen… The FRIDGE! Do you remember when was the last time you gave your fridge a thorough spring clean? I’ve to confess, I don’t! For most of us, we clear out and organize our fridge every week to make way

Posted 20 Sep 2014
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Top Tips for a Spring Cleanse

When September hits, I get really excited. I can feel Spring in the air, I can feel the weather warm up, and I love to give my body a reboot just to shake off Winter. Here are my tips for a Spring cleanse. Eat real food This is not a tip just for Spring… and

Posted 18 Sep 2013
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5 Innovative Ways with Teas

I know not everyone likes coffee but I’ve honestly never met or know anyone who doesn’t like tea. There are so many varieties of teas out there that you can never get bored with it. Just look at the brand Miss Teas’e Organic Life, they have such interesting teas available like “Lemongrass & Ginger Deluxe”, “Tropical

Posted 11 Jun 2013
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Kiwi Your Way to a Healthy Treat That Everyone Will Love

When I saw this on Pinterest, I immediately bookmarked this as a MUST try especially since we’re now in Kiwi season in Australia. I’ve always loved the juicy goodness of Kiwi and combining it with the lush bittersweet taste of dark chocolate….need I say more? I’m sure it’ll be a hit with both adults &

Posted 19 May 2013
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Organic on a Budget – Re-growing from Kitchen Scraps

At the Resparkle camp, we are all for eating organic vegetables as it’s so much tastier and of course peace of mind knowing you’re not putting harmful pesticides in your bodies. However, we have to confess, we do feel the pinch whenever the bag of organic veg comes up to quite a hefty sum especially

Posted 11 Mar 2013
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