Microfibre Cloths Damaging Our Oceans

New studies have linked the use of microfibre cloths and microplastics to an alarming rise of pollution, particularly notable the decline of marine life health. Yes, it seems like quite a stretch as microfibre cleaning cloths are meant to be an environmentally friendly cleaning option aren’t they? Wrong. While microfibre is better for the environment

Posted 23 Jan 2017
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Toxic Cleaning Chemicals Harm Children

Toxic Cleaning Chemicals Harm Children image credit @thuie It goes without saying that as mothers, we all want what’s best for our children. Our primary concern is for their health, happiness and safety. We spend countless hours ensuring they eat the right foods, lovingly read them stories night after night and have mild panic attacks

Posted 06 Nov 2016
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Let’s get Ready for Christmas | Week #4 | Decorate

WEEK #4 – DECORATE  Holy Dooley! We’re one day early, but You might as well say that December is here and it’s time to turn our attention to decorating.  With a little organisation and planning, this can truly be a magical moment for you and the family.     To Do This Week * Remind yourself

Posted 30 Nov 2015
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Think Pink Go Green (October Special)

In 2015, approximately 42 women in Australia are diagnosed with breast cancer each day. Globally, over the last two decades, breast cancer rates have risen from a lifetime risk of one in 20 to one in eight. The fact is the average women are exposed to 168 chemicals daily from cosmetics, skincare and cleaning products. Cancer News Australia

Posted 02 Oct 2015
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Inspiring Mama Spotlight: Danielle Shirley of Naturally Home

In the first week of our Live Healthy Every Day challenge, it’s apt that we spotlight Danielle Shirley, a mother of 3 beautiful daughters and a registered pharmacist, as our Inspiring Mama for September. Professionally, some know her as the ‘Herbal Pharmacist’ with a passion for nutrition, herbs, low tox living and finding solutions to chronic health

Posted 08 Sep 2015
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Go Plastic Free: Tips on how to save the earth & money!

It aint no secret that plastic has stamped it’s mark in today’s world – but as we know it, that stamp is not good. Plastic is everywhere, usage continues to rise and our environment continues to suffer. Thankfully, a group of Earth Carers (www.earthcarers.org.au) have made it their job to raise awareness on the amount

Posted 01 Jul 2015
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How an Old Jam Jar Can Bring Back the Romance

If you have not planned anything for Valentines day tomorrow, don’t panic! Here’s a simple and fun exercise you can do with your partner/spouse that would keep the romance burning way past V-day. All you need is an old jam jar and a pinch of creativity to create a Date Night Jar. In our busy lives

Posted 13 Feb 2015
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Natural Holiday Home & Gift Ideas

Celebrating Christmas does not have to be a season of excess with unwanted gifts and synthetic decorations. Instead, we can celebrate it sustainably and meaningfully by letting nature provide us in wonderful home décor and gift ideas. With that being said, here are a few ideas to get you inspired:   And finally, here’s a simple

Posted 17 Dec 2014
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Unique & Chic Table Decor Ideas – Using Fruits

The next time you have a party and if you’re tired of the usual flowers-as-decor routine, why not get creative using fruits instead? Nothing breathes in life and freshness to a dinner table than hits of color from fruits like Lemons, Limes, Oranges, Apples/Pears, Peaches. You can even use the fruits for your after party smoothie

Posted 19 May 2013
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Top 5 Ways Resparklers have Made a Difference

1) Saved Loads of Plastic Bottles from Landfill With every new customer won over, more amazing beautiful people are doing their part in saving plastic bottles from going to the landfill. Plus they’re keeping their homes clean without nasty chemicals and saving money all at the same time. Goes to show that simply by opening up

Posted 24 Apr 2013
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Organic on a Budget – Re-growing from Kitchen Scraps

At the Resparkle camp, we are all for eating organic vegetables as it’s so much tastier and of course peace of mind knowing you’re not putting harmful pesticides in your bodies. However, we have to confess, we do feel the pinch whenever the bag of organic veg comes up to quite a hefty sum especially

Posted 11 Mar 2013
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