Top 5 Ways Resparklers have Made a Difference

1) Saved Loads of Plastic Bottles from Landfill With every new customer won over, more amazing beautiful people are doing their part in saving plastic bottles from going to the landfill. Plus they’re keeping their homes clean without nasty chemicals and saving money all at the same time. Goes to show that simply by opening up

Posted 24 Apr 2013
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Organic on a Budget – Re-growing from Kitchen Scraps

At the Resparkle camp, we are all for eating organic vegetables as it’s so much tastier and of course peace of mind knowing you’re not putting harmful pesticides in your bodies. However, we have to confess, we do feel the pinch whenever the bag of organic veg comes up to quite a hefty sum especially

Posted 11 Mar 2013
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13 Uses of Lavender – Nature’s Gift to Mankind

Lavender is probably the most popular essential oil in homes. It certainly is my favourite, especially when I need to de-stress or when I’ve difficulty sleeping. But did you know that Lavender can do so much more than just scenting the home or as a mood booster? Before you reach out for drugs to cure

Posted 27 Feb 2013
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Top 4 Plants That Help Detox Indoor Air at Home

Indoor air pollution has often been found to be less healthy than outdoor as chemicals don’t disperse easily within an enclosed space. Instead of using artificial fragrances or air fresheners that merely masks odours rather than eliminating them, use plants or flowers to improve air quality in your homes. Not to mention, artificial air fresheners

Posted 17 Feb 2013
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Cleaning Products – Handle with Care

We may not knowingly invite toxins into our homes/bodies but the truth is, the chemicals we use to keep our homes clean may be causing harm to us and our family’s health. This post is not meant to scare you into change but unfortunately the dangers are real. Being aware of the risk and impact

Posted 17 Feb 2013
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