The Perfect Salad: Sweet Potato + Quinoa + Avocado



Spring’s rebirth of greens means you can put in-season salads back on the menu and reap their many health benefits. Eating salad almost every day may indeed be one of the most healthy eating habits you can adopt, and perhaps one of the simplest!

Here is a delicious looking salad recipe, contributed by Food and Wellness coach, Kavisha Jega, that you can easily put together at home.



2 sweet potatoes

1 tablespoon coconut oil

1 1/2 cups quinoa

1 tablespoon cinnamon

1/2 a lemon

1 bunch coriander, finely chopped

1/4 cup sultanas

2 avocados, cut into small squares

4 small spring onions, chopped

1 cup slithered almonds

salt and pepper to taste


  1. Chop sweet potatoes into small cubes and coat with the coconut oil and some salt. Spread out on a lined baking tray and bake for 20-25 minutes in a 180c oven.
  2. Cook the quinoa according to the package or in a rice cooker. When it’s done cooking, rinse and set aside to cool off. Squeeze the juice from half a lemon and add the cinnamon into the quinoa. Mix well.
  3. Throw the coriander, sultanas, spring onions, avocado, almonds, roasted sweet potato, salt and pepper in with the quinoa and toss it around until all the flavours are well combined. Serve in bowls or pack into containers ready to take for lunch.

*Option: Add some feta cheese, chicken or hard boiled eggs for an extra protein hit!

5 Key thing of Importance when Food Shopping for your Children by Baby Bistro

Written by Sevi from Baby Bistro

The fact of the matter is, we can’t always believe what we read or are told by governments, media, doctors or major food corporations. Unfortunately, in this day and age, majority of companies and society as a whole, have been consumed with dollar signs and will, a lot of the time, tell us that something is “good for us”, just to make a buck.

The good news is, society as a whole is slowly starting to ask questions again. We are looking for real answers. We are questioning the “higher powers” and we aren’t just rolling with the reasons they give us and claim to be correct.

This might sound quite contradictory coming from a small family business, whose livelihood survives on the people buying our products, however, if you are reading this, you have probably worked out, or will soon if you are a new customer, that Baby Bistro, is ‘not about the money’, but rather making wholesome healthy food for children, and teaching parents and their children how to make positive healthy food choices for a healthy, happy home.

Today, we wanted to share some information regarding food labels and what you should look out for when buying off the supermarket shelves.

baby bistro

Five things to keep in mind when food shopping for your children:

  1. Steer clear of any labeling where preservatives/Colours and additives are present.
  2. Natural and Organic Labels don’t necessarily mean the products are 100% Natural and Organic
  3. Salt and Sugar Content should be as low as possible per serve
  4. Check the Vegetable Content on the label – Some are cheeky and are less than 5% vegetables.
  5. Pouches are convenient, however nutrients are lost when they are hot sealed

Food on the supermarket shelves, as you are more than aware, are jam packed full of Colours, preservatives, flavors, salt and sugar. Majority of these, are included on food labels as a number figure, rather than the entire name of the product…Namely because these are chemicals.

We believe the below are some of the many we really do need to stay away from as much as possible

1’s: 102 –Tartrazine, 104 – Quinoline, 110 Sunset Yellow, 122 Carmoisine, 123 Amaranth, 124, Ponceau 132, Indignity, 143 fast green, 151 Brilliant Black,  127 Erythrosine, 160b Annatto – Some of these have been linked  strongly to Asthma, and hyperactivity disorders.

2 ‘s are all Preservatives: 200-203 – Sorbates, 210-219 Bentotes, 220-228 Sulphates, 249-252 Nitrates, 280-283 Propionates – Some linked to Eczema, dermatitis

3’s are all Synthetic Antioxidants 310-312 Gallates, 319-321 TBHQ, BHA, BHT

6’s – Flavor enhancers: 620-625 –MSG, 627- Disodium Guanylate, 631 Disodium Insinate, 635 Ribonucleotides, Yeast Extract, HVP

These are all unnatural chemical based substances, placed into our foods, which can contribute to and cause long life illnesses and diseases, such as Asthma, and hyperactivity disorders. These substances are primarily used to keep foods looking fresher and lasting longer- Longer shelf life, more return for the manufacturer. Never mind our health and wellbeing along with the cost of healthcare down the line.

Along with this, please keep in mind that even if labels state the products are “All Natural” or “Organic”, there are loopholes in legislation those enable products that are not completely natural or organic to be labeled as such. Please ensure the labels are checked to ensure you are paying top dollar for an actual natural or organic product. If it does not have the Australian Certified organic logo on it- It’s not organic.

Low sugar, Low fat, Low Sodium are always on the front of a product, be skeptical. Read the label and check the quantity- it may well be low in fat, but has it been loaded with sugar or salt so that it still tastes great and vice versa? We cannot tell you how much salt or sugar is or isn’t acceptable. Every- body has different needs and wants when t comes to food on any given day.

We encourage you to do your research. Look at different resources online, visit a naturopath, read books.  Please don’t believe or disbelieve just one source. Find the right balance in all of your research which sits well with you for your body and for your families growing bodies.

We will however recommend steering clear of mass produced foods and beverages as much as you possibly can and loading your fridge, cupboards a freezer with as many organic products and produce as possible.

We urge you to research learn and discover as much as you can, and would love to hear back from you with any information you would like to share with us and fellow Baby Bistro Customers.

baby bistro

Skip the supermarket this winter


Baby it’s cold outside.

Melbourne’s winter is pretty infamous for being windy, rainy and freezing! If you’re anything like us, stepping out of the warm comforts on our home into the freezer box of winter feels like a very daunting task. Winter or not, we still need human survival stuff like food, groceries and toilet paper right?




The good news is there are heaps of great local businesses that can help you quit the supermarket this winter and forever if you like!

Here’s the list we’ve compiled:

1. Toilet paper:

  • Who Gives A Crap: Cares for the world and your freezing bums. Get toilet paper delivered to your doorstep. Free shipping over $30.

2. Food:

  • Marley Spoon:  They plan, shop, prep and deliver your week’s meal to your home. All you do is cook! Free delivery to your doorstep.
  • Eat fit Food: Can’t be bothered to cook? Avoid putting on the dreaded “winter weight” with Eat Fit Food. They deliver healthy meal plans to your home. Just heat, eat, nourish!

3. Cleaning Supplies:

  • Resparkle 2U: Delivers 2 months worth of organic cleaning supplies to your home. Bonus: Free metro delivery, pause anytime and natural products that (gasp) actually works!
  • Get $15 off the first Resparkle 2U box. Use coupon code WinterClean at check out. Valid till 1st Sept 16.

4. Skin-care & body care:

  • No matter how cold winter get, yes we still do need to bathe, like everyday. You can’t get past Nourished Life for the most comprehensive range of healthy & safe skin and body care products. Ps. They stock Resparkle too so you can get your cleaning supplies together with all the other natural goodies.

Safe Cleaning for Babies & Children

How to Create a Germ- and Toxin-Free Home for Baby

Even for adults, commercial cleaning products can pose serious health risks. From headaches to certain cancers, the carcinogens, endocrine disrupters and neurotoxins commonly found in supermarket products have been linked to a range of issues, including:

  • Premature puberty;
  • Reduced fertility;
  • Challenged immune systems;
  • ADHD;
  • Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and certain cancers.



Babies and toddlers — due to their still-developing immune systems and their smaller size — are one of the most at-risk categories when it comes to chemical exposure. This isn’t helped by their close proximity to the floor: as they crawl along, chemical traces get absorbed through their skin and respiratory tracts, with the risk of exposure becoming higher when they insert their fingers into mouths, noses and ears.

However, despite even the most supermummy of efforts, it’s impossible to keep everything free of toxins. But choosing organic cleaning products and knowing the most important places to clean are two great places to start.

Kitchen Surfaces

Before you go crowning us Captain Obvious, we’re not just talking about the regular spraying and wiping of food preparation surfaces (though it is particularly important to use toxin-free surface cleaners anywhere food is being prepared). To keep your baby safe from bacteria, avoid placing roving items — such as grocery bags — on the counter. Or better yet, avoid the supermarket altogether and get cleaning products delivered to your door!

Baby Clothes & Mumma Clothes

A baby’s clothes get even more hugs than mummy does, so it’s important they’re washed daily using a safe laundry detergent that won’t leave their sensitive skin in a chemical embrace. While traditional laundry powders get rid of germs, they’re also filled with nasty chemicals that get absorbed into a baby’s clothes and can cause rashes, itching and other unpleasant reactions. And if your baby is anything like most babies, it will also be prone to munching mummy’s shirts, so a 100% natural laundry powder like Resparkle’s is just as important for big kid laundry.

Bed Linens

Every mum knows that it’s important to make the most of baby naptime. So when your baby eventually gets to sleep, make sure you too can rest easy in the knowledge that their bed linen is clean and toxin-free. To avoid your baby breathing in both the allergens and chemicals that get caught up in bed linens, make sure to wash them regularly with a natural laundry powder that kicks the butts of germs and toxins alike.


The bathtub should be where your baby gets clean, not dirty. While cleaning the bathtub around once a week with a natural disinfectant will ensure a clean and toxin-free starting point, avoid using supermarket soaps with baby. A soap with all-natural and organic ingredients will not only avoid chemical exposure, it will also be gentler on baby’s sensitive skin.

Feeding Bottles & Baby Accessories

Make sure the nutritious food you are feeding your baby isn’t compromised by chemicals on the feeding bottle. While it is recommended to have a number of bottles on hand so that you can rotate their use and avoid constant washing up, it’s just as important to avoid cleaning them in chemicals. Supermarket detergents are full to the brim with harmful toxins such as corrosive alkaline salts, so by switching to an organic dishwashing liquid, you can ensure the only things that go into your baby’s mouth are natural.

Kitchen Sponges

It’s all well and good to wash your baby’s feeding bottles with a toxin-free dishwashing liquid, but where has your kitchen sponge been? To avoid contaminating your baby accessories with dirty sponges, make sure to wash them thoroughly after each use with a toxin-free detergent, and replace old sponges with new ones at least once a month.

The Floor

When your baby crawls along the floor, make sure they aren’t picking up toxins with their toys. Commercial floor cleaners are some of the worst offenders when it comes to toxic load, often containing harsh chemical categories such as carcinogens and neurotoxins. Keep baby safe from the adverse health issues associated with these toxins by using an organic floor cleaner that gets rid of germs with nature, not nasties.


Toys need baths too — especially since a baby’s idea of playtime often involves a lot of sucking and dribbling. Hard plastic toys can easily be cleaned in the dishwasher, while soft toys love going for a spin in the dishwasher. But to ensure they don’t come out the other end covered in chemical nasties, make sure they’re being washed in safe products such as Resparkle’s organic dishwasher powder and all-natural baby laundry powder.

Sit Back and Relax

We believe that a toxin-free home for baby is even better when it means a carefree life for mummy.  

That’s why we’ve partnered with our friends at Aster and Oak — providers of beautiful organic clothes for healthy and stylish babies — to give one lucky winner a 6-month supply of Natural Baby Laundry Powder and an adorable clothing set from Aster and Oak’s new Woodland Animals collection.

To enter, just follow these easy steps:

  1. ‘Like’ Resparkle & Aster and Oak on Facebook
  2. In the comments section of the promotion post, tell us in 20 words or less why you’d love to win!

Entries close 12pm Sunday May 01 2016. The winner will be announced on the day.

Until then, wishing a safe and happy home for you and your family.

Smoked Salmon & Buckwheat Crepes Recipe – so frenchy, so chic

Crepes – a classic and very versatile French dish that can be enjoyed day or night, savoury or sweet, top with just about anything you can imagine.

Simply swapping regular flour with buckwheat flour makes the classic crepes feel a whole lot healthier and “gluteny”. We assure you it actually tastes better. Here we’ve paired the crepes with baked-on eggs and topped with smoked salmon and creme fraiche just to make it a little more fancy.

buckwheat crepesIngredients

150g (1 cup) Buckwheat Flour

10 eggs, 2 beaten, 8 whole

125ml (1/2 cup) milk

Smoked Salmon

Creme Fraiche


  1. Place flour and 1/2 teaspoon of salt in a bowl and make a well in the centre.
  2. Pour in beaten eggs and milk. Whisk until smooth.
  3. Add 250ml water and whisk. Batter should be thin enough to just coat your finger. Add more water if needed.
  4. Cover and stand for 30 minutes.
  5. Heat a slightly greased heavy-based pan or crepe pan over medium heat.
  6. Pour in 60ml of batter, swirl pan to coat base.
  7. Crack an egg into the centre and cook for 3 minutes until egg is just set.
  8. Fold in sides of the crepe so that the egg is partly exposed.
  9. Top with smoked salmon and serve with micro-greens/side salad.



A Home Sanctuary in 3 Easy (Budget Friendly) Ways

It’s easy to get caught up in the busy-ness of life. You may be constantly pulled in different directions whether as a super mum, corporate/business high-flyer. After a long day, our home is a place where we want to feel supported, at peace, inspired and free to be ourselves. In a nutshell, our homes should be sanctuaries for our bodies, minds, and spirits. It should be restorative and far from the stress-filled world of work, deadlines, and traffic jams.

But if your house isn’t the sanctuary you need it to be, here are 3 tips to help you create that calming atmosphere, without breaking your bank:

  1. Create a special “me” corner

Corner290290The need for privacy is universal, and an effective sanctuary is a retreat from outside intrusions. So corners, nooks, alcoves and even a whole room (if space permits) are among the most welcoming, natural sanctuary spaces.

Once you’ve picked your “Me” spot, there should be an element of familiarity to your sanctuary, so decorate yours with the things you really love. Keep it simple though as clutter will only distract you from getting into the “calm” zone. I’m personally loving the idea in the above photo. I can imagine myself reading, napping and sipping tea in that corner all day.

If you’re thinking, “I’m a mum, I don’t have me time, much less a me spot”. Go to bed 15 minutes earlier (instead of watching TV) and spend some time in your me spot and do whatever relaxes you.

2. Go with the flow

MJ-99-56-water-4Nothing brings calm to your home instantly than the gentle sound of flowing water. Place this near your me-spot and let the flowing water bring stress relief and relaxation.

You can also make a fountain yourself with a small water pump (often found in aquarium stores and pond suppliers, for less than $10), rocks from your garden, and a bowl. Some of the best fountains are the ones that are homemade. Learn how to make your own water feature in our last post.


3. Scent is key

Scent is Key! Studies show that 75% of emotions are triggered by smell which is linked to pleasure, well-being, emotion and memory. I find this fascinating and quite true. Here’s my go to “happy calm” essential oil blend which I use in our aroma-diffuser: 4 drops Lavender + 2 drops Cedarwood + 2 drops Orange. For more essential oil blend recipes, Easy Aromatherapy is a great resource.

On this note, make sure the indoor air in your home is free from toxic pollutants released from chemical cleaners. The simple solution to this is to switch to 100% natural cleaners such as Resparkle.

There’s no better time than to take the opportunity of this brand new year to re-establish your home as a wellness sanctuary. We’d love to see photos of your home sanctuary! Share it on Facebook or Instagram and hashtag #livehealthychoosebetter



Homemade Tabletop Water Feature

Creating your own table top fountains is a wonderful way to bring out your creativity and self-expression while simultaneously relieving stress and enhancing your interior décor and fengshui.

There are many unique benefits to having a fountain at home or work:

  • The gentle soothing sound of flowing water can help you relax and meditate in your bedroom after a hard day’s work;
  • Fountains humidify the indoor air, especially if your home or workplace is dry due to continual air-conditioning. This is extremely helpful in preventing your skin from drying out.
  • Fountains release negative ions, said to promote better moods and concentration. This is especially important in today’s electronic world as gadgets emit negative ions in our homes.


waterfeature290Building a water fountain can be as simple as putting some stones and a small pump into a container with water. It does not have to be expensive or fancy. And personal is what having a fountain of your own is all about.  You might include special coins from a treasured trip abroad, shells from a beach-combing bonanza, a charm from your grandmother’s bracelet, a memento from your first love.

Whatever treasures you choose to stamp your tabletop fountain as your own, know that you can change it as easily as you change your mind or your mood. Yet it will remain immutably, unmistakably yours—and always just right.



To make your own tabletop fountain, you’ll need:

1 A waterproof container or bowl of proper depth.

Choose a container between 8-16 inches across in diameter and depth of at least 4-6 inches. The water has to cover the pump; otherwise, the pump will burn out. You can use ceramic bowls, glass, or wood boxes. The easiest and least expensive containers are plastic pots or ceramic bowls.

Look in your cupboard for a rarely used casserole, serving dish, punch bowl, or fruit bowl or even head to your nearest op-shop. A great way to up-cycle!

Sea-Shells Water Fountain
Or get creative such as using sea shells!


2. A small water pump and clear plastic tubing (1/2″ inner dimension or 5/8″ outer dimension).

Fish tank pumps are fine. The smallest ones work well for the typical size containers. Some shops supply suction cups with water pumps. Both the pump and tubing can be found at an aquarium, hardware, or garden supply store. To straighten the hose, boil it in water for a while.

3. Rocks; pebbles; slate; crystals; semi-precious stones; sea shells, anything that goes in water can be used.

Each item can have a special meaning, thus adding to the individuality of your fountain

If you select rocks from your garden make sure you clean them well. We suggest soaking them in Resparkle’s Dishwashing Liquid and give it a good scrub.

4. Plants add greenery to your fountain. A small clipping will do nicely. You could also use a small pot or glass bottle [baby food jar], fill it with water, put the plant inside and place it inside the fountain bowl.


  1. Place the decorative slate or tile on the table. Place the bowl on the slate or tile.
  2. Place the pump at the bottom of the bowl, taking care to see the cord is draped to the back of the container. Use suction cups to make the pump stick to the bottom of the container.
  3. Add tap water to more than cover the intake value [2″ minimum]. Plug the pump into the electric outlet. (It is advisable to test out the pump in a bucket or sink before placing it in the container.) Unplug the pump to adjust the water flow, if needed.
  4. Cut the tubing length to fit your container and design. Fit one end of the tubing to the pump spout. Place larger rocks to cover the pump and fill the bottom of the container.
  5. Arrange the smaller rocks and tiles /slate by stacking them so as to create a diverse and irregular path for the water flow. You can reduce the water flow from a geyser to a gurgle by covering the open end of the tube with tumbled glass.
  6. Plug in the pump, adjust the water volume and stones as needed to produce the sound that appeals most to your ears.
  7. Place figurines, plant cuttings, ivy, moss, shells or tiles to hide the tubing and electric cord.

TIP: Place a candle in a candleholder beside the fountain, the light from the candle will glisten on the water and reflect its light onto the fountain arrangement.

Let’s get Ready for Christmas | Week #3 | Gifts & Giving



It’s the time we focus on gift lists, gift buying and gift wrapping – I’m sure you agree that this is the biggest organisational challenge of them all.  For many families, gift-giving is a prime source of holiday financial stress. Instead of heading to kmart & buying something just to fill the Christmas stockings, why not make something. It’s more environmentally friendly, won’t break the budget and the recipient would appreciate it a whole lot more.



Here’s a Coffee Scrub Recipe that would take you less than 30 minutes tops.


Coconut Coffee Anti-Cellulite Scrub

1 cup coffee grinds, used or unused
1/2 cup coconut oil, melted and cooled
1/4 cup sugar




In a bowl, mix all ingredients until the the texture becomes pasty and scrub-like. If necessary, add more of any ingredient until you reach desired consistency. Transfer to an air-tight jar or container, and enjoy!

Next week we’ll start to think about decorating.

See you then!








Check out these wonderful businesses, doing wonderful things for You, Your Family and the Planet.


  1. DNA Elements
  2. Simple as That
  3. 100% Pure 
  4. Jacqueline Evans
  5. Luk Beautifood Lipstick
  6. Nourished Life: One-stop for non-toxic skincare, cosmetics & home-care products.


  1. Grants of Australia 


  1. Weleda Hair-care 


  1. 4 My Earth: Lunch boxes, Food Wraps & all things non-plastic
  2. Biome Eco Store

Organic Cotton

  1. Bhumi Organic Cotton : Bedsheets, Quilts, Towels, Throws.
  2. Pure Baby: Organic baby clothes

Food for Every Day Health

  1. Matcha Maiden : 100% pure organic green tea leaves ground into powder. Up to 137 times the antioxidants of regular green tea!
  2. Remedy Kombucha: A super healthy alternative to frizzy drinks!
  3. Whole Kids: Healthy snacks for kids and adults too!

Household Cleaners

Resparkle of course! We’re the only home-care brand in Australia that is truly 100% natural and hold a organic certification by NASAA.

There you have it. All you need to KEEP CALM & QUIT CHEMICALS.



Let’s get Ready for Christmas | Week #1 | Festive Planning



TinselWHOA!  Seven weeks till Christmas!!! I’m sure you agree that the festive season causes more than the usual chaos on the home front, but there’s no reason why this should get the better of us. A simple plan and a touch of delegation (or co-operation) – should keep things humming at home.  By breaking the next seven weeks up into themes, it will help us to remain focused and not get so overwhelmed.

  • * Week #1 – Getting Organised
  • * Week #2 – Reality Check
  • * Week #3 – Gifts & Giving
  • * Week #4 – Decorate
  • * Week #5 – Get Cooking
  • * Week #6 – Chill Out / Catch Up
  • * Week #7 – Celebrate


WEEK # 1 – GETTING ORGANISED (8-14th November)

Alrightly, this is going to require a festive drink (or two), a ring binder folder, note pad, pen/s and a calendar.  As we break down preparations into small, simple steps, we’ll sketch out the outline of the festive season to come.  This week, we begin to build a Festive planner to organise holiday chores, assess the state of the house, and prepare for the festivities.


ChristmasGiftPlanner1To help get you started, our gift to you is a FREE CHRISTMAS PLANNER which you can download at the end of this post.

Once you get your planner done, you’ll feel like the job is already half done and in total control.





To Do This Week

  1. Go on! Give your Festive Planner Folder a title page – even a little decoration if you will.  (As we go along, you will add pages to your planner folder)
  2. Make a promise to spend 15 minutes each day this week to get organised
  3. Print & paste the family holiday calendar (make sure you have a good understanding of what days each family member is having off school/work, social outings etc)
  4. This is a good time to book in the kids holiday camps/care/babysitters
  5. Make travel plans and reservations this week!!!
  6. Write a list of people you want to buy/make gifts for, include the budget limit for each person (even better…. see if you can write down what you want to buy/make them). Be sure to download our FREE Christmas Gift Planner below!
  7. Begin a Christmas card list & locate addresses
  8. Write up a home spruce up list – this is a list of all the cleaning and gardening chores that need to be done the week before Christmas. Make sure that you delegate duties to those in the household
  9. Make sure you’ve stocked up on your Resparkle Cleaning Products as on time deliveries are not guaranteed from 18th December
  10. Will you host guests this year? Make arrangements for any overnight guests
  11. If there are any special house projects on the plan where you require a third party to come in and do some work, you better get in quick! No doubt others will be thinking the same as you EG. Carpet cleaning, tree felling
  12. Set a Christmas theme (so that you can keep an eye out for bits & pieces that you may need to buy)
  13. Set the Christmas menu with the family and delegate who’s bringing what


Instagram_600x600We know its not “Gifts & Giving” week (that comes in Week #3), but to help kickstart the planning festivities, we have planned a 48-HOUR Sale.  Think stocking stuffers, additions to hampers or simply getting ready for your Home Spruce Up.

Please see below some downloads to help you with your Festive Planning.

See you same place next week for Week #2 – The Reality Check!

















Check out these wonderful businesses, doing wonderful things for You, Your Family and the Planet.


  1. DNA Elements
  2. Simple as That
  3. 100% Pure 
  4. Jacqueline Evans
  5. Luk Beautifood Lipstick
  6. Nourished Life: One-stop for non-toxic skincare, cosmetics & home-care products.


  1. Grants of Australia 


  1. Weleda Hair-care 


  1. 4 My Earth: Lunch boxes, Food Wraps & all things non-plastic
  2. Biome Eco Store

Organic Cotton

  1. Bhumi Organic Cotton : Bedsheets, Quilts, Towels, Throws.
  2. Pure Baby: Organic baby clothes

Food for Every Day Health

  1. Matcha Maiden : 100% pure organic green tea leaves ground into powder. Up to 137 times the antioxidants of regular green tea!
  2. Remedy Kombucha: A super healthy alternative to frizzy drinks!
  3. Whole Kids: Healthy snacks for kids and adults too!

Household Cleaners

Resparkle of course! We’re the only home-care brand in Australia that is truly 100% natural and hold a organic certification by NASAA.

There you have it. All you need to KEEP CALM & QUIT CHEMICALS.





How to stop the stink in the bathroom (without chemicals) – POOP-Pourri Recipe

Naturally, everyone wants their bathrooms to NOT stink, especially after someone has taken a dump. However, the use of artificial air-fresheners is not the answer. The toxic chemicals found in supermarket bought artificial air-fresheners are well, pretty shitty.

To make matters worse, bathrooms are often within a small enclosed and not very well ventilated space. This means VOCs released by cleaning products and air-fresheners stay in the air, waiting for you to breathe it all in.
Here’s what the Natural Defence Council has to say after studying the effects of air fresheners (which undergo no safety testing):

The results were disturbing, because they revealed high levels of phthalates, which are known to be especially harmful to children. These chemicals were even present in sprays which were claimed to be “All-Natural” and “unscented”. Phthalates were not disclosed in the list of ingredients for any of the products.

“Phthalates are hormone-disrupting chemicals that can be particularly dangerous for young children and unborn babies. Exposure to phthalates can affect testosterone levels and lead to reproductive abnormalities, including abnormal genitalia and reduced sperm production. The State of California notes that five types of phthalates — including one that we found in air freshener products — are ‘known to cause birth defects or reproductive harm.'” — Natural Resources Defense Council

Scary as it may sound, there are easy natural solutions to removing the stink without poisoning yourself.

You might have heard of Poo-pourri, a poop spray that you spray into the toilet bowl before you go. The essential oil blend forms a protective layer over the water and that stops the stink from escaping. What you’re left instead is the pleasant scents of essential oils.

Poo-Pourri - Toilet Deodorizer Cool Commercial - How It Works
Image via Poo-Pourri – Toilet Deodorizer Cool Commercial – How It Works


If you want to try making it, here’s a super simple DIY recipe that has been road tested by the Resparkle girls and let us tell you, it works! (Secret to our successful marriages)

Resparkle’s POOP-Pourri Recipe


1 tablespoon of a light carrier oil (eg. Almond Oil)
2 teaspoon of Vegetable Glycerine or 1 tsp of Liquid Castile Soap

2 tsp. rubbing alcohol (or substitute 4 tsp. vodka)

1/2 cup of distilled water
1 teaspoon lemongrass essential oil
1/2 teaspoon sweet orange essential oil
1/2 teaspoon bergamot essential oil
1/4 teaspoon grapefruit essential oil

Mix all ingredients well in a bowl. Once fully emulsified (the solution would look cloudy), carefully pour into spray bottles and label.

These would be fun gifts too, have fun with it!


Winter Warming Spicy Chai Smoothie

Love smoothies but finding it too cold to have them in winter? In fact, according to Traditional Chinese Medicine, it’s so important to keep our insides warm especially in winter. That means cold drinks are not ideal.

That said, you’d love this Spicy Chai Tea Smoothie, tasty, warming and healthy all at the same time.  What’s more this vitamin- and antioxidant-packed smoothie will give your immune system a boost so you stay healthy during the cold winter. Enjoy!

Spicy Chai Smoothie photo credit pinterest
Spicy Chai Smoothie
photo source: pinterest



  • 1 cup milk of choice (I use unsweetened vanilla almond milk and coconut almond milk)
  • 1 chai tea bag
  • 1 very-ripe frozen banana
  • ¼ tsp pure vanilla extract
  • 1/4 inch ginger
  1. Heat your milk on the stove for for a minute or two in the microwave, just until it is hot and steam.
  2. Put the tea bag in the milk and place in the refrigerator until chilled.
  3. Combine the tea milk, banana (cut into chunks), ginger and vanilla in a blender and blend until smooth.