Think Pink Go Green (October Special)

BCAThumbnailIn 2015, approximately 42 women in Australia are diagnosed with breast cancer each day. Globally, over the last two decades, breast cancer rates have risen from a lifetime risk of one in 20 to one in eight.

The fact is the average women are exposed to 168 chemicals daily from cosmetics, skincare and cleaning products. Cancer News Australia reports that breast cancer risks were found to be twice likely with women who use cleaning chemicals and air-fresheners the most than those who use them the least.  Cleaning chemicals may contribute to breast cancer because it contains mammary gland carcinogens and endocrine disrupting chemicals. These chemical cleaners contain many toxic ingredients – such as Alkylphenols, Phthalates, Triclosan, etc. – that are endocrine disrupters, and are known to alter mammary gland development in rats. The list of household chemicals that contribute to breast cancer risk is long and we encourage to have a read here.

thinkPinkGoGreenThumbnailYes, we live in a toxic world but don’t let that overwhelm you into in-action. The goods news is eradicating your home and daily life of toxic chemicals is easier than it may seem. So let’s all take the opportunity of Breast Cancer Awareness month to Think Pink & Go Green. To share this important message to your family and friends simply click on the facebook/twitter/pinterest button to the left of this page.

To help you go green for breast health, we’ve compiled a little directory of safer choices. The founders of these brands all share Resparkle’s commitment to being 100% honest and creating products that are truly natural & safe. They are also tried and tested by Resparkle’s founder – Pearl. These are products she uses daily.




  1. DNA Elements
  2. Simple as That
  3. 100% Pure 
  4. Jacqueline Evans
  5. Luk Beautifood Lipstick
  6. Nourished Life: One-stop for non-toxic skincare, cosmetics & home-care products.


  1. Grants of Australia 


  1. Weleda Hair-care 


  1. 4 My Earth: Lunch boxes, Food Wraps & all things non-plastic
  2. Biome Eco Store

Organic Cotton

  1. Bhumi Organic Cotton : Bedsheets, Quilts, Towels, Throws.
  2. Pure Baby: Organic baby clothes

Food for Every Day Health

  1. Matcha Maiden : 100% pure organic green tea leaves ground into powder. Up to 137 times the antioxidants of regular green tea!
  2. Remedy Kombucha: A super healthy alternative to frizzy drinks!
  3. Whole Kids: Healthy snacks for kids and adults too!

Household Cleaners

Resparkle of course! We’re the only home-care brand in Australia that is truly 100% natural and hold a organic certification by NASAA.

There you have it. All you need to KEEP CALM & QUIT CHEMICALS.

Totally do-able isn’t it?


Resparkle October Special – Breast Cancer Awareness Home-Care Pack 

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Breast Cancer Awareness Australia



How to stop the stink in the bathroom (without chemicals) – POOP-Pourri Recipe

Naturally, everyone wants their bathrooms to NOT stink, especially after someone has taken a dump. However, the use of artificial air-fresheners is not the answer. The toxic chemicals found in supermarket bought artificial air-fresheners are well, pretty shitty.

To make matters worse, bathrooms are often within a small enclosed and not very well ventilated space. This means VOCs released by cleaning products and air-fresheners stay in the air, waiting for you to breathe it all in.
Here’s what the Natural Defence Council has to say after studying the effects of air fresheners (which undergo no safety testing):

The results were disturbing, because they revealed high levels of phthalates, which are known to be especially harmful to children. These chemicals were even present in sprays which were claimed to be “All-Natural” and “unscented”. Phthalates were not disclosed in the list of ingredients for any of the products.

“Phthalates are hormone-disrupting chemicals that can be particularly dangerous for young children and unborn babies. Exposure to phthalates can affect testosterone levels and lead to reproductive abnormalities, including abnormal genitalia and reduced sperm production. The State of California notes that five types of phthalates — including one that we found in air freshener products — are ‘known to cause birth defects or reproductive harm.'” — Natural Resources Defense Council

Scary as it may sound, there are easy natural solutions to removing the stink without poisoning yourself.

You might have heard of Poo-pourri, a poop spray that you spray into the toilet bowl before you go. The essential oil blend forms a protective layer over the water and that stops the stink from escaping. What you’re left instead is the pleasant scents of essential oils.

Poo-Pourri - Toilet Deodorizer Cool Commercial - How It Works
Image via Poo-Pourri – Toilet Deodorizer Cool Commercial – How It Works


If you want to try making it, here’s a super simple DIY recipe that has been road tested by the Resparkle girls and let us tell you, it works! (Secret to our successful marriages)

Resparkle’s POOP-Pourri Recipe


1 tablespoon of a light carrier oil (eg. Almond Oil)
2 teaspoon of Vegetable Glycerine or 1 tsp of Liquid Castile Soap

2 tsp. rubbing alcohol (or substitute 4 tsp. vodka)

1/2 cup of distilled water
1 teaspoon lemongrass essential oil
1/2 teaspoon sweet orange essential oil
1/2 teaspoon bergamot essential oil
1/4 teaspoon grapefruit essential oil

Mix all ingredients well in a bowl. Once fully emulsified (the solution would look cloudy), carefully pour into spray bottles and label.

These would be fun gifts too, have fun with it!